Common Threads raises $$ to teach kids nutrition

You walked into Revel Fulton Market and the aromas were overwhelmingly delicious. The lighting: subtle and kinda sexy. The chefs: infectiously enthusiastic. The wine and drinks flowed freely. And the big stars of the night were the chef-love-inspired dishes.
 Ironic as it may be to have a food-oriented fundraiser for underserved children, it makes perfect sense in a way. Allproceeds from the event support the educational efforts of Common Threads to teach kids better nutrition. Attendees paid either VIP or general admission ticket prices to enjoy samples of food from some of Chicago’s finest – even Michelin starred – restaurants.

How lucky can a donor goer get? Glazed duck breast from Acadia. Succulent, crispy-kale-topped Farro Risotto with the best-tasting and least fatty pork belly ever from The Florentine. From Troquet River North, astonishingly flavorful roasted tiny carrots – not those wooden-tasting “baby” carrots from the grocery store  – sprinkled with crunchy hazelnut-and-herb granola and nestled in a little pouf of Greek yogurt. A delightful spicy pork wonton with crispy toppings from Travelle. And some kick-a** barbecued deviled eggs from III Forks. Num! And the goodies went on and on. Visit here for a complete list of participating restaurants – and 32 good reasons for you to come to the next one!

Congratulations to Common Threads for bringing together so many fine Chicago restaurants to support their wonderful cause – helping kids and families learn to eat more healthfully.


247 thoughts on “Common Threads raises $$ to teach kids nutrition”

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