Sexy – and practical – way to carry

Not talking about a concealed weapon, ladies, though I guess you could. But for hands-free carrying your flask or phone, credit card, cash and key without lugging a bag, try this very cool new item called SmarterGarter. The makers were kind enough to send a sample, and I’m impressed. As you’ll see from all the online photos, this new-fangled cache comes in multiple colors/designs (there’s even one with metal studs!) and looks mucho lady-macho on your thigh or your boot top. It also meets the new entrance regs for NFL games (no purses bigger than a hand-sized clutch and no butt bags).

The SmarterGarter is a great way to carry - phones, flasks, or whatever
The SmarterGarter is a great way to carry – phones, flasks, or whatever

And for those of you thinking, wow, those models on the website are all very thin. Will it fit me? I’m here to tell you, the large size fits a generous thigh nicely. Made with hooks on strong elastic (just like many bras), you can connect the hooks while it’s lower on your leg (at the calf), and then slide it up your leg until it’s comfortable. I like the feel of the vegan leather and the fact that the closures are magnetic. I hate trying to locate and close snaps, don’t you? The material on the inside assures that it stays firmly in place, too. What more can you ask?

Use one of these when you’re out clubbing/dancing, attending a festival, game or wine tasting (where you’re already trying to balance the tasting notes book and a pen, the food and the wine glass), traveling, hiking, or riding your, ahem, motorcycle. The SmarterGarter can hold many types of useful stuff…

  • flask (small round, taller rectangular)
  • smart phone (yes, it even fits the new iPhone 6 PLUS)
  • ID (driver’s license, business cards)
  • keys (home, hotel rooms, locks)
  • safety (Mace, pocket knife, condom)
  • comfort (tampon/pad, tissues)
  • beauty (small comb, lipstick, compact, nail file)
  • medical (medications, insulin pump, epi pen)
  • travel (passport, tickets, map, guide)
  • money (cash, check, credit cards)
  • miscellaneous (pen, small notepad, flash drive)
  • kid stuff (diaper, wipes, pacifier)
…and keep it handy without unduly weighing you down. As of this writing, SmarterGarters are available on the website for $37.50. What a neat present for someone in your life who gets around.