Sip, taste and save your fine wines with Coravin

a Bocksbeutel style Bottle
a Bocksbeutel style Bottle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A joke goes around periodically in an email called something like “Household tips.” One of the bullet points in its list of ways you can  make your life easier, faster, smoother reads: “Store leftover wine in ice cube trays so you can chill your wine without diluting it.” The parenthetical response is always: “(Leftover wine?)” To many people, the phrase is a contradiction in terms if ever there was one.

Yet for the true wine aficionado, the very essence of loving wine means you may want to savor a sip or a glass of some fine wine but not want to drink the whole bottle. Maybe you don’t have any friends over at that time – or maybe you just don’t want to share this particular bottle, although most winemakers say any wine tastes better when shared with friends. Hey, it’s your decision. And with Coravin’s Wine Preservation Opener, you can freely taste even the finest wines without pulling the cork – and know that your treasure will still be good days, weeks, months, even years from now just as if you’d never opened it.
Coravin screw cap sampler
Coravin screw cap sampler

The company’s been perfecting this system for corked wines for a long time. And recently they’ve introduced a unique specialized cap mechanism for tapping screwtop wines for just a taste or a glass. You use  Coravin’s specially designed tappable screw top with the system to preserve the freshness of the wine for up to three months. The system includes small canisters of their special gas that replaces the space in the bottle created by your sample so that oxygen – which ages wine rapidly and then deteriorates it – never gets inside the bottle.

Lots of wine experts swear by this device. It looks a bit intimidating to use, but the company website has a nice video showing you step-by-step how to use the Coravin system.  They also have a helpful list of FAQs. Now you can feel confident that you can purchase bottles of really nice wine and know you can keep them much longer after tasting than you’ve ever been able to. Brilliant invention for wine lovers everywhere. Get it online at Amazon or in stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Williams Sonoma and others. Prices start at $199 and go up as you add supplies and accessories.


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