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Easter – a second chance to indulge!

We all love Halloween. A legitimate excuse to eat way more candy than any other time of the year. But, hey, Easter is our first time each year to indulge ourselves beyond our typical sugar allowances.

Take me, for example. I rarely eat chocolate – though I adore it and do keep a supply of 70% dark chocolate handy for emergencies. Still, Fannie May was kind enough to send me some samples of their Easter collection – they do seasonal confections for every holiday.

Fannie Mae Easter bunnies

Well, I was getting hungry already when I opened the lovely red-beribboned, handled white basket (Fannie Mae really knows how to package its products in beautiful bundles!). I first examined each of the three chocolate bunnies – milk, white, and dark chocolate. Ooo, what fun to give to the kids in my life.

Fannie Mae Pixie Egg

And then I saw the smaller box marked Fannie Mae Pixie Egg. I thought, well, I’ll just slice it in half – happily, they give you a clear admission as to calories for all their confections. I said, to no one in the room with me, oh, look at all that caramel. And I wasn’t disappointed when I bit into the half in my hand. I savored that creamy caramel, bite after bite, on that first half I’d cut. But honestly, the little teaser pieces of pecan embedded in the thick milk chocolate coating guaranteed I wasn’t going to stop at half.

I had to eat popcorn for dinner that night, but it was worth it.