Cocktails to enjoy during Chicago Air & Water Show 2016

The Jet Pilot is a strong one!
The Jet Pilot is a strong one!

Great cocktail ideas are fun to tie with special occasions like the Chicago Air & Water Show going on August 20-21, 2016. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t enjoy them other times of the year if you get the recipe.  So here’s one from Rosebud Restaurants that’ll knock your socks off and maybe even make you feel like you’re up there flying with the pilots…

Rosebud Restaurants are offering this specialty drink just for the Air and Water Show; it’s called the Rosebud Jet Pilot and cost $12.

Rosebud’s Jet Pilot cocktail

1 oz spiced rum
1 oz Malibu® coconut rum
1 oz Bacardi® white rum
1 oz Bacardi® Limon rum
2 oz cranberry juice
2 oz orange juice
2 oz pineapple juice
1 tsp grenadine syrup
2 oz Peach Schnapps